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Cristian Cleg3nd



C.LEG3ND (Cristian LEG3ND) is the name and alias of the artist originally from Spain, (Alicante), the artist is actually represented by OCCO Art Gallery (Madrid), he was in a Fine Arts workshop called Asociación de Artes Plásticas Manolo Albert (Fine Arts Association Manolo Albert) for several years since 2010, after leaving classes he defined his own unique style influenced by neo pop art and street art among  others.

C.LEG3ND has also collaborated in the world of fashion, C.LEG3ND x Feas Brand have created the Utopía model, unique sneakers in the world, vegan model, apple skin, unisex and includes jewelry.

The artist’s work begins with a digital process, digitally retouching the images and once the images are printed and framed, repainting photographic details to enhance the spectacular nature of the image and after creating a story with drawings letters and objects to achieve not  only a unique aesthetic, but also an intelectual and spiritual meaning.

He differs from the rest at first glance and goes a step further by including in his works exclusive objects such as authentic credit cards, watches, fired armored glass, crystals, etc. Endowing the works with great personality and deep meaning.

C.LEG3ND artwork is created for people who truly appreciate high quality in fine art, offering art collectors an exclusive product that increases in value.

C.LEG3ND avoids talking about a boring subject through his artwork, instead showing the wildest and freest part of himself by expressing his feelings about objects, places, people and dreams with the help of written messages and drawings that helps him tell a story.

The artist’s other passion is studing economics and investing in stock market.